Be Informed about Reseller Hosting

The main objective of a company or a professional to have a website is to make a presence in the internet world, and one necessary thing needed to be in the said position is to have web hosting. Know that several companies are offering hosting of websites services for very reasonable prices. You can therefore canvass the services and prices of these various companies before opting for one company to host your website. Be informed that website hosting is classified into shared website hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. These three types of website hosting differ from each other in terms of services and prices.

For purposes of our article, we will describe further in particular reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is described as a kind of website hosting wherein the web host purchases plan in bulk from a hosting company. From this bulk plan, the web host subdivides it into smaller plans and then resells these smaller plans to individual users. The reseller host can also sell both space and bandwidth from a dedicated server which is also rented. On the other hand, the reseller can also get the approval to sell the space and bandwidth from the server sharing the hosting. Reseller hosting is considered the cheapest method of which your website can be hosted on the internet.

There is also a classification of the reseller, and this is according to the role it plays. For example, the reseller host can act as the agent of a company, wherein in this case, the customers can purchase a plan directly from the web hosting company. Based on the sales made, the reseller gets a commission whenever a customer buys the plan directly, on the premise that the reseller has advertised beforehand the unlimited web hosting services. 

In the case of reseller hosting, the reseller host can act as a marketer for the web hosting company. This means, he advertises the hosting plans from which consumers would buy from him. But once the unlimited reseller hosting plan is sold, the purchasers will coordinate with the web hosting company and not anymore the reseller. The reseller on the other hand can also work on his own, and this is through buying large bandwidth and space from the web hosting company.


And these he sells in small spaces and bandwidth to clients plus offering a complete support, whereas in this case, the reseller acts as a web hosting company. Note that the basic services of a reseller host are being provided by the actual website hosting company. This means, it is the actual website hosting company that manages the network infrastructure and all hardware.

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